Community Building

UrbanKind Institute recognizes that communities grow and thrive when they have spaces and places to share experiences, create memories, and develop hope. We work with community-based organizations to improve engagement strategies and efforts. We organize residents in neighborhoods to help them identify challenges and assets and to prioritize projects and goals to improve their living spaces. We aim to help residents build the neighborhoods and communities that they want to—and can—live in. We also work to build communities of interest. With our extensive networks, we bring people and organizations together that would not otherwise be in conversation with one another. 

Our services include: 

  • Community Organizing Training 
  • Value and Priority Identification 
  • Focus Groups 
  • Group Discussion Facilitation
  • Resident Engagement

See examples of our community building work below.

Hilltop Resident Engagement

UrbanKind Institute implemented a comprehensive resident engagement strategy in the South Pittsburgh Hilltop neighborhoods, aimed at empowering residents, improving services to youth, and addressing pervasive inter-neighborhood violence. We worked to enhance and compliment existing community organizations’ engagement strategies in Allentown and built new neighborhood organizations and action teams in Beltzhoover and Knoxville.

Community Organizers’ Academy

UrbanKind Institute hosted a Community Organizers’ Academy in Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood, a 10-session course designed to develop a cohort of residents trained to undertake organizing efforts around issues they care about. 

McKinley Park Restoration & Community Engagement

UrbanKind Institute worked with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Voices Against Violence to offer environmental programming in Pittsburgh’s McKinley Park and increase community participation in park improvements. We also helped to form “Friends of McKinley Park” as a space for community members to take the lead on decisions being made around McKinley Park.