Equity-Focused Facilitation

We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, service providers, and community-based groups to help them understand, evaluate, and discuss the issues that matter to them.  Our equity focus means that questions of inclusion, access, participation, decision-making, and outcomes are embedded in and central to the activities, tools, and discussion questions we use for facilitation. By working with our hosts in our planning, we ensure that our facilitation is relevant, useful, and stimulating for the participants.

Our Services Include:

  • Priority identification
  • Discussion facilitation
  • Custom-designed activities

See examples of our facilitation work below.


Pittsburgh Food Policy Council Retreat Facilitation

UrbanKind Institute facilitated a day-long Pittsburgh Food Policy Council Steering Committee meeting. Our synthesis report discussed how the group decided on the need for a local food action plan and presented recommendations to actualize such a plan. Our facilitation activities pushed the steering committee to think hard about who the council represents, whose voices and needs are heard, and which issues should take priority.


Eva P. Mitchell Senior Apartments Engagement

UrbanKind Institute teamed with Grau & Associates to develop and improve communication between the residents and the board of directors at the Eva P. Mitchell Senior Apartments in the Lemington neighborhood of Pittsburgh. While Grau & Associates worked with the board to improve its functioning and effectiveness, we worked with the residents to ensure that their concerns, needs, and interests were being met. Through this engagement, our team identified ways to improve relationships and conditions at the apartments to ensure a secure and healthy future for the seniors.


Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation Board Retreat Facilitation

UrbanKind Institute led discussions and activities during a day-long retreat for the board of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation. As the main activity, the board participated in UrbanKind’s Prioritize & Compromise engagement tool. This activity brought forth questions and discussions about who is represented in the organization and about which issues receive the organization's attention.