We believe cities should be kind places for people.

UrbanKind Institute is a think-and-do tank advancing policies, practices, and programs that are kind to urban people and environments.

What We Do


Using an interdisciplinary lens, we examine issues such as housing, youth outcomes, environment, jobs, and neighborhood and community development.

Community Building

We help residents build the communities and neighborhoods that they want to—and can—live in. 

Equity-Focused Facilitation

 We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, service providers, and neighborhood-based groups to help them understand, evaluate, and discuss the equity-related issues that matter to them so they may adopt better policy solutions.

The UrbanKind Approach



We critique systems, processes, and relationships that perpetuate inequity.


We devise solutions that consider the inter-connectivity of complex challenges.


We elevate voices that are often excluded.

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Recommendations for an Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Agenda for Pittsburgh


UrbanKind spoke with 125 participants, including elected officials, public, private and non-profit practitioners, community organization representatives, and other local leaders about justice, equity, and inclusion in the Pittsburgh region. 

Community Organizers' Academy


UrbanKind's COA course develops professional community organizers embedded in neighborhood organizations. This course teaches participants to integrate traditional community organizing goals with contemporary techniques of social media engagement.

My Brother's Keeper


UrbanKind Institute facilitated conversations among and between young men, service providers, and others about out-of-school programming. 

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UrbanKind Institute

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