Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh of Appalachia: A Geography of Power and Extraction

  This essay examines Pittsburgh’s role in shaping environmental and economic outcomes in Appalachia – tracing a history of uneven connections from the rise of heavy industry in the mid-1800s to the contemporary development of shale gas extraction and the petrochemical industry.


The Fierce Urgency of Our Environmental Now

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination and the celebration of Earth Day, UrbanKind's Dr. Jason Beery thinks about what Pittsburgh's current and future environmental health threats mean for the city's most vulnerable populations.  

Is This for Everyone? Qs About Amazon's HQ2

Amazon is looking for somewhere to build its second headquarters, which will house 50,000 high-paying jobs. Local officials are eagerly proposing and promoting Pittsburgh. UrbanKind's Dr. Jason Beery looks at what's happened in Seattle and asks, "Is this really for everyone?" 

 My Brother's Keeper Community and Stakeholder Planning Process: Initial Recommendations 

Based on a series of discussions with young men about needs and gaps in out-of-school programming and ideal program attributes, UrbanKind offers recommendations for funders and service providers as they work to narrow the opportunity gap among young men in the Pittsburgh region.​ 

2016 p4 Conference

UrbanKind prepared background guides for the breakout sessions at the Heinz Endowments and City of Pittsburgh p4 Conference in October 2016. The guides provide overviews, highlight current problems and solutions, and identify remaining challenges.

Recommendations for an Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Agenda for Pittsburgh

Following an eight-month engagement with 125 participants, including public officials, private and non-profit practitioners, and other local leaders about justice, equity, and inclusion in the Pittsburgh region, Urbankind identifies persistent challenges facing the region. 

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